Javelin Aer-Aid

Reduces surface and soil compaction
Power Turf Shop Hero Image 500px - Commercial Sisis Aerator Javelin

Javelin Aer-Aid tractor mounted aerator

The Javelin Aer-Aid machine is a specially designed tractor mounted vertical action aerator for use on both fine and outfield turf.

The machine can be used all year round due to the large selection of tines helping to break up compaction allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate the root zone.


Consistent use helps to produce a surface that is less affected by the adversities of weather conditions leaving minimal disturbance.

The Aer-Aid system injects air directly into the root zone speeding up the aeration process, moving air uniformly throughout the root zone for complete aeration – not just where the tines have penetrated.

Action Vertical Air Injection
Working width 1500mm (60")
Working depth 127mm (5")
Tractor power requirement 30hp minimum

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