FoxCross and ElkCross Shredder

Peruzzo slope flail mowers

FOX Cross / ELK Cross grass/pruning shredder

The FOX Cross / ELK Cross grass/pruning shredder is used for grass cutting and pruning cutting up to max. 4-5 cm of diameter.

The FOX Cross / ELK Cross model with closed frame is used in urban, municipality green areas and motor ways. The FOX Cross / ELK Cross model is used most on municipality and agriculture fields to cut grass, branches and bushes on banks, slopes, embankments, ditches or hedges foldable from +90% to –65% for small and medium tractor size.

The new shredder model FOX Cross / ELK Cross is used to cut grass and small branches of 2-3cm diameter.

Model FoxCross / ElkCross
Width 1200 - 1500mm / 1200 - 1500mm
Tractor Size 20 – 30HP / 35 – 45HP
Number flails 40 - 50 / 16 - 20
Weight 260 – 290Kg / 354 – 390Kg
PTO Speed 540 / 540

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