Tailored finance solutions

At Power Turf, we’re a solutions-driven team. Our service commitment goes beyond just finding the best equipment that you need. It extends to financing it, too.


  • Hire purchase
  • Finance lease
  • Operating lease
  • Short-term rentals

Based on:

  • Deposit size
  • Repayment terms
  • Rates of the day
  • Payment structure

Operating Lease

An operating lease allows you to utilise your equipment as normal for a fixed period. At the end of that period, we can discuss new lease terms on the same equipment, or on new equipment. This option keeps your fleet regularly updated while reducing your repair and maintenance spend.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is an excellent opportunity to own your equipment immediately and manage your cash flow over a selected period.

We can customise all payment and lease options to suit your needs.


Whatever it is, we can explore the different options together to make our finance solutions work for you.
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