HR600 Mower

Superb power to weight ratio
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HR600 Large area rotary mower

A narrow transport width rotary mower for cutting roughs, surrounds, and around obstacles effortlessly in all conditions.

Cut roughs, surrounds, and around obstacles effortlessly in all conditions with the powerful HR600. A narrow transport width makes every area of the golf course accessible with zero maintenance decks and unrivaled operator comfort keeping you on cut and on course until the work is done.

Mower cutting width 137" (3.5 m)
Mower height of cut 1 - 4.75" (25 - 121 mm) in 0.25" (6.4 mm) increments
Mower engine Kubota 65.2 HP (48.6 kW) Turbo Diesel
Cutting capacity 13.8 acres/hr at 10 mph (5.6 ha/hr. at 16 km/h)
Transport speed 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Mowing speed 10 mph (16.4 km/h)
Weight 3900 lbs. (1769 kg), 4356 lbs. (1976 kg) with cab
Length 143" (3.62 m) front deck down
Height (rops up) 83" (2.1 m)
Transport width 65" (1.67 m)
Working width 143" (3.63 m)

Jacobsen is committed to providing superior quality turf maintenance equipment to customers around the globe. Jacobsen are renowned for our commitment to quality, innovation and green initiatives.

Power Turf has been the distributor for Jacobsen for nearly 20 years and in that time has seen a marked improvement in reliability, quality and innovation. For years, Jacobsen has been regarded as the greatest cut in the industry with the cutting performance of their patented XP Reels.