Torrent 2 Blower

Taking cleanup to a new level of productivity

Torrent 2 Debris Blower

The Turfco Torrent 2 Debris Blower takes cleanup to a new level of productivity.

Whether you’re blowing grass clippings, leaves, aeration cores, clearing your cart paths or any other tasks, the Torrent 2 is designed to save you hours in a day.

Make sure your operators are working as efficiently as possible with patented MagnaPoint Technology, fast nozzle rotation and patented instant idle down/resume. Rugged and powerful, it’s a versatile machine for use year-round.

Width (Outside of tire to outside of tire) 48” (1.22 m)
Height 43.5" (1.10 m)
Length (Hitch to end of chute) 108.8” (2.76 m)
Nozzle Rotation Full 360° in both directions
Ground Speed Suggested operating speed: 5 MPH (8 km/h); Maximum non-operation towing speed: 20 MPH (32 km/h)
Engine / Models 725 cc (18.65kW) KOHLER Command PRO
Weight 575 lbs (260.8 Kg)

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Turfco Manufacturing has been a leader in turf maintenance for the golf, sports and lawn care industries since 1919. Being in the same industry for over 100 years is an achievement few family businesses can claim. From our grandfather who started National Mower Company in 1919, to the third generation Kinkead executives who run Turfco today, the Kinkead/Turfco ‘family’ acknowledges the privilege it is to be a part of the ever-changing commercial lawn care and landscape industry.

Turfco built the first mechanized topdresser in 1961 and continues as the first choice of professional turf managers worldwide. Turfco listens closely to turf professionals, then designs and manufactures products that help do jobs more efficiently and effectively in topdressing, seeding, debris blowing, application and renovation. With years of in-field experience we know how to make your business more productive and profitable. We work with you, and deliver the equipment and services you need to be successful.