Tempo – Lithium

Smart Li-ion technology. No maintenance.
Tempo - Lithium

Tempo Li-Ion golf cart

Our Tempo Li-Ion golf fleet cars offer a no-maintenance, high-performance power source that can save you money.

Tempo golf cars are designed to elevate your golf course operations and enhance the on-course experience for guests.

On the Lithium Tempos, the Lithium-Ion battery is a zero maintenance, high-performance power source that can save you money and staff time, increase car reliability, and conserve energy to improve the overall performance of your operations.

What’s more, when it’s time to power up, the fast charging times and ability to hold a charge across multiple rounds keep our Lithium Ion-powered golf carts on the course and out of the barn

Batteries 3.6 kWh Stored Energy
Charger 650 Watt Charger (standard)/900 Watt Charger (optional)
Motor 4.7 Hp AC Drive
Turning Circle 17’ 4” (5.28m)
Tires 18 x 8.50-8
Wheelbase 65.5 in (166.4 cm)
Ground Clearance 4.5 in (11.4 cm)
Curb Weight 718 lbs. (325.7 kg)
Frame Type Ladder-style aluminum box beam
Speed Range 5-15 mph (8-24.14 kph)

Club Car boasts a 60+ year history of industry-leading innovation and design, initially focused on golf cars and then expanding to commercial utility vehicles and personal-use transportation.

Every detail of design, fabrication and assembly at Club Car is executed with an uncompromised desire for superior performance. Manufacturing quality products is paramount to our employees and has been the driving force behind our company. It’s also why we were named one of EHS Today’s America’s Safest Companies. We are proud to call Augusta, Georgia our home.

Our relationship with customers and approved dealers is equally important, with a worldwide distribution network including over 350 distributors and dealers. We value our long standing customer and industry relationships and how our customers can depend on our vehicles to perform day after day for many, many years.