Golf Cart Batteries

We provide deep cycle batteries for any golf cart, at competitive prices.

Ideally we need to know your golf cart model, the voltage (6V, 8V or 12V batteries) and battery configuration so we can help find the best batteries for your cart and charging set up.

We sell many different brands including Trojan, Predator, Synergy, US Batts, Johnson Controls, and more. Stock subject to availability.

It's always a good idea to check and replace your battery cables when fitting a new set of batteries to your cart. Let us know if you require any with your battery order.

Pricing does not include freight or fitting, although both are available upon request. 
Give us a call or complete the form for more information.

8 Volt Batteries:

  • Predator DT876 - From $350 + GST

  • Synergy DT876 - From $350 + GST

  • Trojan S875 - From $390 + GST

  • Trojan T875 - From $425 + GST

 12 Volt Batteries:

  • Predator DT1275 - From $500 + GST
  • Trojan S1275 - From $550 + GST
  • Trojan T1275 - From $600 + GST