Peruzzo Robofox Hybrid Remote controlled Flail mower

The ROBOFOX HYBRID is a self-propelled, remote-controlled gas powered flail mower designed for mulching grass, bushes, brushwood and twigs (up to 20mm thick) on steep slopes (50°).

Powered by a 28HP Briggs & Stratton gas engine and the 180mm wide tracks powered by two Bosch brushless motors. The tracks are the same width as the cutting deck (900mm) ensuring uncut grass is not flattened by the tracks before it is cut. The ROBOFOX also has zero turn which makes it very maneuverable.

The ROBOFOX HYBRID is ideal for working on steep inclines (50°) and being remote controlled it ensures the safety of the operator in these situations. The remote control range is 300m on the Hybrid unit.

The Hybrid unit has two batteries powering the tracks and the unit can be maneuvered (eg. when loading and unloading the mower) on battery power alone meaning the gas engine does not have to run for this.

Call us on 0800 657 595 to discuss how the ROBOFOX HYBRID can solve your mowing on inclines.

PTNZ Brand Peruzzo MainPg RobofoxHyb Robofox Electra Side ROBOFOX HYBRID 10 1024x576 ROBOFOX HYBRID 2 1 1024x573 ROBOFOX 2

Type Remote controlled Flail Mower
Mount/Propelled Self Propelled
Engine Briggs & Stratton 28HP gas engine
Width 900mm
Shaft speed 2900rpm
Cutting Collection No
Offset Adjustment No
Robofox Hybrid in action