Peruzzo Triflex Gang Flail Mower

The TRIFLEX gang flail mower is ideal for reliable and efficient fast mowing on any type of grass and ground condition.

Suitable for 80 to 90HP tractors with the relevant width range of 4200 and 5000mm. The flail mower mounts on the rear on the 3point linkage with a PTO speed of 540 - 1000rpm.

The TRIFLEX's innovative double-jointed system, with 3 independent flail decks, allows mowing on any uneven ground without damaging the turf, the TRIFLEX delivers a perfect cut and uniform grass discharge over the full width of the cutting units.

The gang flail mower is used by contractors for cutting large public or sports areas, airports, golf courses and large grass areas for fast maintenance.

With the decks lifted in the transport position the total width of the machine is 2250mm, making it safe for transport.

Call us on 0800 657 595 to discuss. We currently have a 5000mm unit available.

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Type Gang Flail Mower
Mount Rear, 3 point linkage
HP Range 80 - 90HP
Width 4200, 5000mm
PTO Speed 540 - 1000
Cutting Collection No
Offset Adjustment No
Peruzzo Triflex in actoin