Peruzzo Panther Pro Collection Flail Mower

The PANTHER PRO collection flail mower is perfect for cutting, verticutting and collecting grass in one pass.

Suitable for 40 to 50HP tractors with the relevant width range of 1600 and 1800mm. The flail mower mounts on the rear on the 3point linkage with a PTO speed of 540rpm.

With the collection bin it is also ideal for cleaning up Autumn leaves etc. The high dump extends to a height of 195mm, making it easy to dump the waste material. 

The PANTHER PRO has been engineered for grass fields and is suitable for golf clubs, contractors,  municipality use and sport field maintenance.

Call us on 0800 657 595 to discuss which option will best suit your needs.

collection mowers PANTHER 1 PANTHER 2 PANTHER 4 PTNZ Brand Peruzzo MainPg PantherPro

Type Flail Mower
Mount Rear Mount - 3 Point linkage
Tractor HP Range 40 - 50HP
Width 1500, 1800mm
PTO Speed 540rpm
Cutting Collection Yes
Offset Adjustment No
Peruzzo Panther in Action