Peruzzo Elk Flail Mower

The ELK flail mower is used for grass cutting (mulching) and small pruning reduction (1-3 cm in diameter).

The flail mower can be used on the front or rear tractor three points linkage with the option to side offset the mower (300mm, mechanically or hydraulic operation)

The ELK flail mower is suitable for 40 to 60HP tractors with the relevant width range of 1500, 1800 and 2000mm.

The high rpm on the flail shaft and flail quantity on the Elk flail mower gives excellent cut quality and mulching. This model has been engineered for parks, agricultural fields, motorway borders and woods (fire prevention).

The flail mower is provided with manual offset (standard) or hydraulic offset (optional). Adjustable front castor wheels are also available on request.

Call us on 0800 657 595 to discuss which option will best suit your needs.


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Type Flail Mower
Mount Front and rear mountable
Tractor HP range 40 - 60 HP
Width 1500, 1800 & 2000mm
PTO Speed 540 - 1000rpm
Cutting collection No
Offset Ajustment Yes, up to 300mm (Mechanical & Hydraulic options)
Peruzzo Elk in Action