Peruzzo Flail Mowers were first introduced in 1980 when agreements with prominent turf equipment companies were made to engineer the first Flail Mower with collection for Sport and Public Amenities. Since then, Peruzzo has excelled in the technology and development of flail mowers and has over 50 patents and won several awards.

Power Turf has been distributing Peruzzo flail mowers since 2010 and has enjoyed a good amount of success with the flail mowers. These flail mowers provide a versatile unit for contractors, clubs, schools and private users.

Options to fit a wide range of tractors and tractor units with the options of front mount, rear mount or trailed, catching or non-catching and verticutting . With the patented flails, verticut can be achieved and this is done in one pass as opposed to the present methods available in the NZ market.

Peruzzo mowers are being used as a turf maintenance product for municipalities, contractors, bowling greens, cricket blocks, large domestic properties, schools and golf courses.

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