Peruzzo have been manufacturing equipment for the agricultural and turf industry since 1959, initially producing hammer mills and then adding to this range of machinery by furthering their technologies to include mowing equipment.

In NZ, Power Turf have been distributing Peruzzo since 2010 and have enjoyed a good amount of success with catching mowers providing a versatile unit for contractors, schools and private users.  Peruzzo also produce a non-catching flail mower which is a high quality finishing mower for larger properties that don’t want to catch.

Power Turf sees the trailed mower as one area of opportunity in the New Zealand market due to its price and performance.  With the patented flails, scarifying can also be achieved and this is done in one pass as opposed to the present methods available in the NZ market.

Presently, Peruzzo is being used as a turf maintenance product for bowling greens, cricket blocks and large domestic properties and also as a mower at schools and golf courses.