The Jacobsen MH5 tractor-mounted large area reel mower provides a unique, cost-effective alternative to traditional reel mowers.  With the ability to mow, verticut or scalp down, the MH5 turns your tractor into a versatile and efficient turf maintenance tool.  Achieve excellent ground contour following and productivity with fully floating cutting units and a 135 inch width-of-cut.  Each reel is hydraulically driven with enough power and ruggedness to handle even the toughest conditions.

MH5 MH5 1 MH5 2
Reels 5-gang reel setup with 6 or 8-blade 19.8 cm diameter reels; verticut reels available
Height of Cut 0.78 to 4.9 cm
Width of Cut 343 cm
Weight 600 kg