Rotamaster 4000 Rotary Blade Grinder

The Rotamaster 4000 ensures both ends of the rotary blade are sharpened equally with the precision only an automated machine can deliver, so your rotary blades have a superior edge with consistent balance for a better quality of cut, resulting in longer lasting blades and better looking grass.

With a unique clamp mechanism and fast aligning jig bars, blade mounting is easy and fast, delivering significant benefits in overall cycle time.

PTNZ Brand BERNHARD RotaMaster 4000 2 PTNZ Brand BERNHARD RotaMaster 4000 3 PTNZ Brand BERNHARD RotaMaster 4000
Ergonomic height for ease of use.
Ergonomically designed for operator safety.
Self-contained unit.
Smooth pneumatically operated automatic traverse function.